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Unveiling Iceland's Enchanting Magic: Discover the beauty of this City Tour with Heritage Walk

"Embark on an enchanting journey with Heritage Walk Island, where the captivating magic of Iceland awaits in every corner, from the breathtaking nature that embraces its communities to the harmonious cities that thrive amidst the rugged landscapes. Discover the secrets of this remote island and immerse yourself in a vibrant community that warmly welcomes all who step onto its shores. Let us unveil the extraordinary story of Iceland, where nature and culture unite to create an unforgettable experience for every adventurer."

What s special heritage walk

Day Tour Provider

We have the Authorized Day Tour Provider License, issued by Ferðamálastofa, Icelandic Tourist Board, dated February 08, 2023.

Nura sarmiento

Master in Heritage Studies.Tourism and Cultural Manager. Bachelor of Tourism and Culture. Convalidations at Enic Naric, 7 the European Qualification Framework.

Quality service

Enhance Your Journey with Us: Immerse Yourself in Reykjavík's City Tour, Connected by Headphones to Unravel Endless Stories."

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Through Immigrant Eyes

"Through the Enchanting Eyes of an Immigrant: Rediscover Reykjavík's City Tour with a Fresh Perspective."

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"Uncompromising Quality Headphones: Easy-to-Use and Eco-friendly, Elevating Each Client's Experience."


City Tour

"Tailored for All: From Large Groups to Small Gatherings, Our City Tour Ensures Unwavering Quality for Every Guest"

"Stjörnur, á hvaða tímum sem er, eru fólk sem setur þróun í öllum þáttum í lífi annarra"


Stars, in any era, are people who set trends in all aspects of other people's lives

Tips for the City Tour

"Be Weather-Ready: Dress Accordingly for the Day. Summer drizzles and winter's chilly embrace await. Check the weather at for updates."

"Embrace Language Diversity: Choose Between English and Spanish. Let Us Know Your Preferred Language When You Contact Us."

"Discover Reykjavik's Historic Center: Embark on a Captivating Two and a Half-Hour City Tour."

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"Reach Out for Details, Booking, and Pricing: Contact Us to Uncover the Wonders that Await."

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Skapa Ehf company.

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